Meet Constable Bobby Brown

I have deep roots in this community, as my family has lived in the West Grove area for over 100 years. I have spent the last 40 years working in the manufacturing industry. During my career, I have had the opportunity to work for several large organizations; Hewlett Packard (Avondale, PA), Synthes (West Chester, PA), and Johnson & Johnson (West Chester, PA). I am currently a Manufacturing Supervisor with Bloom Energy, which is a clean, renewable energy company in Newark, DE. These companies have provided me the opportunity to work with talented team members that have enhanced my coaching, mentoring, and leadership skills. My team management motto has been, “If you want to be happy, do something for yourself, but if you want to be fulfilled, do something for others.”

In addition to my business career, I have served as a Pennsylvania State Constable for over 14 years. As a State Constable, I used a similar leadership approach when engaging with people in challenging situations. Many times, people who are experiencing difficult times just need someone to listen to, provide guidance, and show compassion.

I am seeking the position of Magisterial District Justice for court 15-4-04 because it will provide me the opportunity to use my leadership skills to influence, develop, champion change, and expand diversity. During my career as a State Constable, I have personally witnessed injustice for people of color. The “Bail for Freedom” policy is real and negatively affects our lower class and minority communities. There is not enough diversity within the system to address the current issues.

Diversity is the key to a strong community. We need more people of color on the right side of the system to influence and set examples for those who are less fortunate. A measure of success is if one person being on the bench can influence others to further their education, get involved with their community, and be a part of the solution and not the problem. This change could help bring a new positive beginning for many. As the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “We need leaders not in love with money, but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity, but in love with humanity.”

I graduated from Avon Grove High School in 1978. I currently live in Franklin Township with my wife, Marie, and two sons, Andre and Julian.

Bobby Brown

Constable Bobby Brown demonstrates fair and consistent judgement. He listens to all sides carefully with an unbiased nature, free of preconceived notions.

Constable Bobby Brown's commitment to public safety is evident in his service as a law enforcement officer for 14 years. Being a 4th generation resident of District 15-4-04 Constable Brown is compelled to continue his mission and commitment to public safety as our full-time judge.

All who know Constable Bobby Brown quickly learn he leads by example and models a strong work ethic. He believes caring for our community is more than wearing a robe and sitting on a bench. Constable Brown believes you must put the work in anywhere you are needed.

Constable Bobby Brown is an inspiration to the next generation growing up in Southern Chester County. He is dedicated to understanding the root cause of truancy and building sustained educational support for our youth.